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Welcome to Laugh 'N' Learn Langdon LTD.

Welcome to Laugh 'N' Learn Langdon LTD.

Welcome to Laugh 'N' Learn Langdon LTD. Welcome to Laugh 'N' Learn Langdon LTD.



Laugh "N" Learn Langdon aims to create a program where the individual needs of all our children can be met through a variety of creative and educational activities. 

The Benefits of Before and After School Programs

Our before and after school programs is beneficial for the parents as they are for the children. Parents can rest assured that their child is safe and secure in the care of licensed and professional childcare providers, while the kids get to hang out at a cool place and meet all kinds of new friends! It may seem like all fun and games, but there's actually a lot of learning taking place. Before and after school programs help children:

  • Develop socially, academically and emotionally
  • Build leadership skills 
  • Have less behavioural problems
  • Stay active and become more physically fit
  • Learn healthy eating habits
  • Develop a desire to attend school
  • Learn several new skills 
  • Complete their homework on time

If your child prefers social interaction over studying textbooks, our program will give him or her an opportunity to do both without being disruptive in a classroom.


We are a licensed and accredited Out of school program serving the community of Langdon. We also offer Preschool two or Three days a week.


Our Staff

Laugh 'N' Learn Before and After School Care in Langdon is committed to hiring child care teachers who have a passion for working with children and who are committed to childcare.